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Dear Patients and Friends, thank you for visiting our review and feedback page. We created this page to gather any feedback you’d care to share with us. As you know, we are always looking to improve upon ourselves, and your opinion is very important to us.

For praises and kudos, we prefer that you communicate that via Social Media or Service Review websites. This helps us rank higher on the search engines, which in turn will help us reach out more kind souls like you.

Ask yourself and the following questions:

What symptoms or conditions brought you to Thrive?

How did Thrive affect your Mind, Body and/or Spirit?

Would you feel comfortable recommending Thrive, why?

Here are the websites we prefer to receive reviews through. To save time, you can write it once, and then just paste it in. Please note that most of these sites will require you to sign-in or sign-up. We recommend that you use your real account or create a new one. Don’t worry about sharing your email, these websites are safe. We thank you in advance!

In the event that you have feedback that you would like to share privately, feel free to use the anonymous form below. Name and Email are optional:

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