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The First and Only Energetic, Needleless Acupuncture System

What does Nutripuncture do?

Nutripuncture uses a new generation of dietary supplements, or rather “informational supplements”, comprised of trace mineral complexes that speak directly to the body’s vital currents to strengthen its vitality and support its self-regulation.

Nutripuncture was developed by Patrick Veret MD, who graduated from Medical school in Paris in 1971 and went on to further master the cross-disciplinary fields of Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Veret became fascinated by Nickola Tesla and George Lakhovsky’s demonstration that carefully formulated poly-metallic circuits could create oscillations which dramatically energize plants and living organisms and protect them from disease. Veret developed Nutripuncture by advancing the research that Tesla and Lakhovski had compiled.

The work of Barbara Mc Clintock on the influence of the outside environment on the genome (Nobel Prize 1983) is also one of the pillars the science behind Nutripuncture is based on. Suited for all ages, without any contra-indications, this modality provides resolution of stresses that diminish psychophysical and physiological well being.

This holistic approach offers highly effective tools to strengthen the field upon which psychosomatic, functional and biological illnesses can develop.

Nutripuncture acts directly on cellular communication and exchanges, and it strengthens the circulation of information necessary for self-regulation of the body, providing rapid, targeted results.

Its objective is to strengthen the vitality of the body by promoting self-regulation, the innate capacity that enables it to interact optimally with the environment, to handle stress, pathogens, to be in phase with the seasonal cycle, and to respond coherently to sensory stimuli.

Developed in France in 1985, Nutripuncture has become known in Europe, North America, and Asia, and in countries where doctors and health practitioners, sensitive to the need for strengthening well-being and supporting overall psycho-physical vitality, use it with satisfaction.

A well trained Nutripuncture practitioner is able to test a patient for the energetic location of disturbances that are the root cause of pathologies in behavior, thoughts, emotions, relationships, tissues and organ functions. This unique form of testing can also determine and address underlying triggers of self-limiting patterns imbedded in the physical, psychological, emotional and energetic bodies. Nutripuncture is a profoundly effective system of healing that is revolutionizing the way Eastern and Western healing modalities join to meet the emerging health challenges of the 21st Century. Nutripuncture is being practiced by a growing team of certified therapists and physicians worldwide. Nutripuncture aligns polarity, restores cellular orientation in time and space and balances energetic identity and the five senses. It successfully heals trauma, both physical and social.

Owner and Medical Directors of Thrive Wellness Center, Filiz Bakir, AP, DOM has been practicing this paradigm of addressing the root causes of many disorders as one of a handful of practitioners in the US. Bakir has had the privilege of having been trained by Dr. Patrick Veret personally and has successfully treated hundreds of complex conditions with Nutripuncture. Currently her focus is on the practice of Trauma Resolution with Nutripuncture. Nutripuncture offers rapid, life-altering resolution of the flowing traumas: Physical, Psychological, Sexual, Divorce or Separation, Abortion, Suicide, Death and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Whether you are carrying the scars one of these traumas or you are dealing with a diagnosis that affects the quality of your life, you owe it to yourself to be assessed from a Nutripuncture perspective. What is revealed in a Nutripuncture session is often life altering in itself.

Nutripuncture has the potential to rewrite the internal language or software that “operates” the physical, psychological, intellectual and energetic body of a person and set the person free!

Thank you for the informative, eye opening workshop on Nutripuncture and Trauma. Your knowledge enabled me to grasp the content you were teaching with clarity and awe. The fascinating outcomes of taking this product should be recognized on a worldwide level. I do believe this could be the future of medicine.  – Shari K.   Deerfield Beach

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