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Laboratory Testing

Advanced Personal Testing

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Thousands of scientific studies suggest that specific biochemical imbalances may underlie many acute and chronic problems and symptoms associated with medical and psychiatric health issues. The main ones are constitutional risk factors, exposure to toxins, nutritional deficiencies, neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities.

Thrive Wellness Center offers Advanced Functional Testing to effectively address your acute and chronic conditions and restore your Health and Vitality in the most non-invasive ways possible.

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laboratory assistant analyzing a blood sample

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We offer a vast array of urine, serum, and saliva hormone profiles. There is no single ideal method for assessment of hormones. Blood, saliva, and urine each have their advantages. We offer all three testing methods and can help you determine which method will provide you with the most useful information in a given clinical scenario.

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Measuring hormone levels is essential for the proper diagnoses of Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Andropause or other hormone related disease states such as Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Exhaustion (chronic fatigue syndrome), which all exhibit similar and overlapping symptoms making an accurate diagnosis based on symptoms alone very difficult.

Hormone level testing also enables you to closely monitor your hormones ensuring they all remain adequately balanced and within the optimal physiological range.

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The hormone test results used in conjunction with any symptoms you have are invaluable tools when designing a treatment protocol to balance the patient’s endocrine system for optimum Health….physical and mental. It is very surprising, not to mention dangerous, how many women and men on HRT have never had their hormone levels tested. Hormonal imbalances that are not accurately identified and appropriately treated may lead to inappropriate treatments with very serious side effects so the importance of monitoring their levels cannot be overstated.

We also offer many tests to assess Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Food Sensitivities, Blood Sugar Metabolism, SpectraCell MicroNutrients Tests, Nutrient Deficiency, Toxic Metal Tests and more.

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