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Massage Therapy Fort Lauderdale


Thrive Wellness Center is proud to offer a unique spectrum of massage therapy and bodywork modalities. Our licensed therapists have exceptional skill sets and can address your acute or chronic issues with gentle and effective treatments.

What sets Thrive Wellness Center’s team of massage therapists apart is that most of them are licensed acupuncture physicians. Their understanding of the body is very advanced both from an Eastern and a Western Medicine perspective. They can address the patient’s condition from a holistic point of view, combining manual techniques, deep tissue massage, tuina massage, medical massage, herbal or homeopathic remedies and acupuncture, always with the patient’s consent. So your “feel good” session is not only designed to relax and soothe your muscles, but also to resolve a condition that is recognized and addressed comprehensively.

Working with Dr. Bakir has not only been beneficial to me, but also for my 9-year-old son. We have experienced amazing results with the Nutripuncture My son was so afraid of the dark along with other fears, and after taking a 2 week sequence the anxiety went completely away! I also love the bodywork treatments at Thrive…. their massage practitioners are bar none some of the best in the business! – Jennifer Grace | Massage Therapy Fort Lauderdale


Bodywork is defined as various forms of touch therapies that may use manipulation, movement, and/or repatterning to affect structural changes to the body. There are more than 250 variations of deep tissue massage, medical massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies and many practitioners utilize multiple techniques. Some of our practitioners also have a strong background in Physical Therapy.

The application of these techniques may include, but is not limited to, stroking, kneading, tapping, compression, vibration, rocking, friction, and pressure to the muscular structure or soft tissues of the human body. This may also include non-forceful passive or active movement and/or application of techniques intended to affect the energetic systems of the body. The use of oils, lotions, and powders may also be included to reduce friction on the skin. Our highly skilled team of therapist specialize in TuiNa Massage, Gua Sha, Pak Sha, Shiatsu Massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Spinal Touch, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu and more.

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts: Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use; the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments; and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more. And, as many millions will attest, medical massage also helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness. Our team of experienced massage therapists will blend various techniques, like Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Spinal Touch, Swedish and more for a custom tailored session that best addresses the client’s needs.

Our Fort Lauderdale Massage Therapists are on call six days a week while our Boca Raton Massage therapists can bee booked seven days a week.

Tui Na

Tui Na is an Asian form of body work or massage that is more specifically therapeutic than other types of western massage. As a technique it can be used alone or integrated into an acupuncture treatment. TuiNa involves acupressure and massage techniques along the acupuncture meridians or pathways. This form of therapy gradually was developed by the working people of China through a long process of working, living and struggling with disease. As a treatment, Tui Na has the ability to regulate nerve function, strengthen the body’s resistance to disease, flush out the tissues, and circulate blood stimulating the tendons, ligaments and muscles which ultimately make the joints more flexible. This style of bodywork incorporates the theory and practices of Oriental Medicine.

Gua Sha

“Gua Sha”, is an ancient healing technique used throughout Asia with amazing results. Gua means “to rub”. Sha is the term to describe the incredible appearance of the skin once it has been rubbed during a session of Gua Sha.

Why? Because Gua Sha breaks up the stagnation that causes you to feel pain and stiffness. It smooths your energy.

It allows for congested blood, metabolic waste and toxins that lie deep within the tissues to be released and promotes normal circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs directly beneath the area being treated. It just plain feels good. You experience an immediate improvement in stiffness, degree of pain and mobility.

Here’s why patients like Gua Sha:

1. It makes you feel better very quickly.
2. It helps to release toxins that have built up over time as a result of past injuries, poor diet, chemical and environmental exposure and emotional traumas.
3. It shows the practitioner exactly where you have stagnated energy!

Gua Sha is used whenever a patient has pain whether associated with an acute or chronic disorder. There may be aching, tenderness and/or a knotty feeling in the muscles. Palpation reveals Sha when normal finger pressure on a patient’s skin causes blanching that is slow to fade. In addition to resolving musculo skeletal pain, Gua Sha is used to treat as well as prevent common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, as well as any chronic disorder involving pain, congestion of Qi and Blood.

In most cases the patient feels an immediate shift in their condition particularly in their pain or sense of constraint. Gua Sha moves stuck Qi and Blood, releases the Exterior mimicking sweating, and moves Fluids. In a modern medical construct these fluids contain metabolic waste that congested the surface tissues and muscles. Gua Sha promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. It is a valuable treatment for both external and internal pain, and facilitates the resolution of both acute and chronic disorders

Most patients don’t care about the bruising because Gua Sha is so amazing, it usually disappears within two days or less.

Gua sha actually pre-dates acupuncture and was used in villages as a means of self-care or a way to care for each other until the village doctor could make it out to see you. It can be used for any pain or discomfort, for upper respiratory or digestive problems, to create a smooth flow of Qi along an acupuncture meridian, to help clear toxins from the body or to stimulate the acupuncture points along any acupuncture channel.

Gua Sha is often used as an alternative to acupuncture needles, and is also very commonly used in children.


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