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Sexual Trauma Workshop

Recognizing, Treating and Resolving Trauma

Sexual – Physical – Psychological

Sunday, February 9th, 2014 – 9 AM to 5:30 PM

8 CEU’s for Florida AP’s and LMT’s

Presented by Filiz Bakir, AP, DOM

Trauma, SEXUAL, PHYSICAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL resides in our body’s Vital Currents…. from the moment it is suffered until we die….

Unless we find a REAL WAY of resolving it!

Sexual Traumas like: 

Rape, Sexual Abuse,  Violation of Sexual Boundaries   through Medical Interventions and more

Physical Traumas like:

Accidents and Falls, Violent Attacks, Surgical Procedures and more

Psychological Traumas like:

Divorce or Break-Up, Abandonement, Death of a Loved One, Suicide , Abortion and more

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

For our Troops Returning Home and others who have suffered complex traumas

A revolutionary way of Trauma Resolution is the Exploration, Recognition and Resolution of Sexual, Physical, Psychological Trauma and PTSD through the use of Nutripuncture.

Nutripuncture is the use of specifically formulated Trace Mineral Compounds that are used to locate and correct disturbed circuits in the Meridian, or vital current system of the body. Never has there been a method that can radically change the Impact of Trauma the way Nutripuncture can. Based on the principles of Nikola Tesla and George Lakhovski’s  work on the impact of Specific Frequencies upon the Body’s Vital Currents,Nutripuncture was developed in France

by Dr. Patrick Veret, MD. It has been used in Europe by hundreds of physicians for over 30 years and has been gaining great recognition world wide.

What can Traumas cause?

  • Depression and      Anxiety
  • Physical Pain
  • Cognitive      Impairment
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Chronic or Acute      Illness
  • Failure to      Thrive
  • Substance Abuse
  • Personality      Disorders and much more

In just 8 hours you will learn how to locate, shift and resolve Trauma Imprints in the body. This life changing experience is an unparalleled tool for individuals and therapist alike.

You will Experience and Learn:

  • Principles of      Cellular Polarity
  • How the Nervous      Sytem Stores Trauma
  • How to Test and      Locate Trauma Circuits in the Body
  • The Use of the      Nutripuncture Trauma Data Base
  • Writing a      Nutripuncture Protocol to resolve Sexual, Physical Trauma,      Psychological Trauma, Suicide, Abortion, and Death of a loved one and      more
  • How to Take a      Patient Through the Integration Process

This class will profoundly change your understanding of the Inner Workings of Trauma, as it is perceived by the Nervous System and recorded in the Meridian Network.

Come and find out if we are over-promising!

Take off the Chains!

Be a Brand New YOU!


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