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Shams Wesley - AP, DOM

Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Shams is a practitioner of Chinese medicine practicing in our Boca Raton location. She is dedicated to the complete healing of the mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.


She specializes in 5 Element, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Balance Method, and Japanese-style acupuncture. She also treats her patients using a variety of other modalities, including: Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shiatsu & Abdominal massage, Mesotherapy for weight loss, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Cupping & Guasha, Injection Therapy, Energy Work and Nutritional Counselling.


Her area of expertise is treating – Stress management, Fertility, Pregnancy, Women’s health, Chronic Illness, Auto-Immune Disease, Digestive Disorders and Spiritual Growth.


Some of her training and experience includes

  • Five Element Shiatsu – certification, Meridian Shiatsu Institute, 1997.
  • Five Element Acupuncture – Master’s degree, TAI Sophia Institute, 2000.
  • Spiritual and Medical Healing certification, University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, 2003.
  • Teacher’s Training – certification, University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, 2004.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, 2005.

Many aspects of her personal life have contributed to her healing practice over the years. After seeing first hand how fragile life is, Shams went through a period of soul searching. She then realized that she wanted to serve the world in a larger way and re-discovered her immense love for “the everything,” and in this spirit dedicated her life to helping others through physical and spiritual healing. Her goal is to provide the highest quality care that supports your health so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.


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