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Olga Gavrilenko

Raw Food Chef

Chef Olga Gavrilenko has been a food Industry, health and wellness, and hospitality pioneer for a decade. Besides being a passionate teacher, Olga is also highly skilled in menu and recipe development, food combining, detoxification, and nutritionally optimized meal planning.


Olga’s pioneering approach combines delicious, innovative plant-based culinary techniques with organic and locally sourced, nutrient-dense foods. Olga’s passion for educating clients and students on how to achieve and maintain vibrant health through easy, gradual nutritional changes is only equaled by her passion for creating the most delicious plant based cuisine.


This passion propels Olga to constantly take her skill set to the next level. She constantly surprises students and clients alike with innovative techniques and an out-of-the-box perspective. Being part of the Thrive Wellness Center team, Olga also offers customized meal plans based on clients’ unique nutritional needs determined through micronutrient testing.

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