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Erica M.Nieves

Licensed Massage Therapist, Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

When Eric Nieves was first introduced to TCM and 5 element theory, she was blown away by how much sense it all made. She clearly understood the way the body’s systems all worked together to create harmony in a way that reflected the processes of nature.


Erica Nieves brings a very unique skill set to her patients; Besides being an Acupuncture Physician, she is also a masterful somatic therapist, combining Structural Integration, Body Alignment, Myofascial Release and other techniques she has spent many years studying, practicing and eventually embodying.


Her in-depth understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) further expanded her ability to recognize the patient’s specific pattern and design a treatment protocol that addresses the patient’s structure, organ balance, stress level and much more.


Her patients rave about how they feel after a session with Dr. Erica. These sessions are often 90 or 120 minutes long. What keeps showing up is the dynamic partnership that develops between Dr. Erica and her patients. By educating them about the interconnectivity of all the body systems and how dis-ease is caused by imbalance, her patients become more attuned to their bodies, allowing them to be empowered to participate in their treatment.

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